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  • Value- value after filtering
  • New - filtered value
  • Old - previous value
  • K - weight of the new value - real number from the interval (0,0;.....;1,0).

Repeat Parameter: This parameter provides compatible weighted filter behavior for change-based and server protocols (IEC-60870-5-101, IEC-60870-5-104, Modbus Server, TG809, BACnet, OPC, OPC UA ...). If a positive value of the Repeat parameter is specified, it determines the period of repeated generation of the value received by I/O tag - similar to when the same value is repeatedly retrieved for periodically polling protocols (e.g. Modbus Client). So, if a one-time change of the I/O tag value occurs, the weighted filter will gradually progress towards the target value by repeating this value.

Values out of limits are undefined