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From the picture script, you can change the picture linked to the displayer using the function %HI_SetConnectedObj. The function can be also used for objects linked to displayers of Report and Graph types.



The tab in the upper part configures the binding of the selected external variable from the table of the attached schema.

Image Added

Image Added

A button for selecting a local variable whose value the progress bar will display.

The name of the bound variable

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Button for selecting the object whose value will be displayed by the progress bar.

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Edit object
RowThe row of the bound variable
ColumnThe column of the bound variable
TextIf an object is not attached, the external variable will be initialized with the specified constant


External variable

The name of the external variable
Value typeThe value type of the external variable

Connected value

Attached object or value

Object reference

In the case where the attached object is a structured variable whose cell refers to another object. The name of the object is displayed here.

Subpicture keeps the properties of pictures, except for: