UNIP communication protocol

Supported device types and versions
Communication line configuration
Communication station configuration
Station protocol parameters
I/O tag configuration
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Supported device types and versions

Communication supports reading and writing data by means of the UNIP protocol (© Ipesoft Žilina).

Communication line configuration

Communication station configuration

  • Communication protocols: UNIP, UNIP Input Only, UNIP Time Synchro, UNIP Input Only Time Synchro, UNIP SCAN.
  • The station address is a decimal number within the range 1...230, or a hexadecimal number with a hash at the beginning (e.g. #1A).
  • The UNIP Time Synchro and UNIP Input Only Time Synchro protocols execute the real-time synchronization for stations (time is included in the request).

The UNIP SCAN protocol is a passive protocol that tracks the active communication of another UNIP master/slaves system. It doesn't send polls but decodes the tracked communication.

Station protocol parameters

Communication station - configuration dialog box  - Protocol parameters tab.
They influence some optional protocol parameters. The following station protocol parameters can be defined:

Table 1

ParameterMeaningUnitDefault value
Retry Count
Maximum count of request retries. If no response returns after a request had been sent, the station's status will change to a communication error.-3
Retry Timeout
Timeout before resending a request if no response has been received.ms2000 ms
Wait First Timeout
The delay after sending the request and before reading the response.ms500 ms
Wait Timeout
The delay between the response readings till its finalization.ms500 ms
Max Wait Retry
The maximum number of retries of the response reading.-8
Wait ACK Timeout
First waiting for a response after writing, the ACK acknowledge is expected.ms700 ms
Wait First Get Stored
Waiting for a response after a request to read archive data.s1 s
AI Back Compatible
In D2000 V5.00.017 Rel.A020430541, the interpretation of I/O tags of the AI and AO types of the forms of 3, 5, 6, and 7 has been modified to signed ones. The value of AIBC=YES enables backward compatibility and these I/O tags will be interpreted as unsigned.-NO
Max. Activity Wait
For the UNIP SCAN protocol only – time (in seconds) within which the response for a given station must be received, otherwise the station passes to a communication error.s600 s
Use Daylight Saving Time in TS Req.
Setting the parameter to YES activates the use of daylight saving time in the timestamped requests.-NO

A string containing the protocol parameters is being defined as follows:

Keyword=value;Keyword=value; ...



If a keyword with an invalid value in the initialization string is used, a corresponding default value according to table 1 will be used.

I/O tag configuration

Possible I/O tag types:

Ai, Ci, Di for the UNIP Input Only and UNIP Input Only Time Synchro protocols.
Ai, Ao, Ci, Co, Di, Dout
for the UNIP, UNIP Time Synchro, and UNIP SCAN protocols.

Address: Decimal number within the range of 0...255.



Changes and modifications

  • September 21st, 2000 – added UNIP SCAN protocol (for D2000 v4.50 and higher).

Document revisions

  • Ver. 1.0 – February 9th, 2000
  • Ver. 1.1 – September 21st, 2000
  • Ver. 1.2 - September 18th, 2002 - the protocol parameter AIBC added.
  • Ver. 1.3 - November 21st, 2010 - document updated.
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