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Setup_ips – D2000 System Installation Guide

D2000 System Installer is a tool to install, change and remove the D2000 System.

Depending on the required action (installation, change, removing), it works in several steps:

  1. It installs/uninstalls an instance of D2000 System.
  2. If it is necessary (when installing and changing the instance), it starts a configuration utility to set the installed components of D2000 System.

Directory structure of installer:

Directory structure
Directory Directory contents
*ExtInstallers Contains the files with external installers (Sybase, Sentinel, Java, Eclipse).
msi Contains d2msi.msi file. It contains all necessary files that will be installed on the target computer.
trans Contains the transformation and license files.

* This directory may not always be in the installer. The absence of this directory does not influence the functionality of installer, however, the external programs (Sybase, Sentinel, Java, Eclipse) that are in this directory will not be installed when configuring D2000 System.

Versions of installer

The installer exists in two versions: 32 and 64-bit. Each version contains the file pack for 32-bit or 64-bit version of D2000 System. The instance can be only 32-bit or 64-bit.

The installer can install D2000 System of certain version. The version is displayed in the header of installer. When installing, the new instance of system will be created. It involves the files for particular version. There can be the same versions of the particular instances, so you may install two or more instances of D2000 System of the same version on your computer.

In addition of D2000 System installation, the installer can change or uninstall the particular instances. You may use the installer of any version to uninstall or change the instance. It means, if the instance has been installed by the Installer 9.0.20, it may be uninstalled, for example, by the Installer 9.1.31.
When uninstalling, all the installed files will be uninstalled except for the files that have been changed or created by D2000 System. If necessary, these files must be removed manually.

D2000 System instances

The installer enables to install more instances of D2000 System on one computer. Each instance must be uniquely identified by its name. The instance name is shown in Control Panel -> Programs and features. There can be installed maximum 16 instances of D2000 System on one computer. Each instance should be installed into separate directory to ensure that the individual instances are mutual independent. If this rule is broken, it can lead to the inconsistence of the files when changing or uninstalling one of the instances.

From version 9.1.31 you may choose for each instance one of the following types of installation:

  • Server
  • Basic client
  • Developer
  • Remote client

Each type of installation includes other group of files that will be copied to the computer when installing.

  • Server - installs all files of D2000 System.
  • Client:

Change of instance

You may change the instance in two ways depending on the installed instance and version of installer for changing the instance:

  1. The same version of the instance and installer – all installed files are checked. The files that are different against those in the installer, will be "repaired" on the original version.
  2. The different version of instance and installer – the instance is upgraded/downgraded. The installed files will be uninstalled and the new version will be installed from the installer. The instance number is automatically updated after upgrading/downgrading.
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