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Starting the event by clicking the graphic object in picture

In process D2000 GrEditor, it is possible to connect an object of Event type to control (e.g. by pressing the mouse button). There is the input field intended to enter a text parameter in the palette Connect object - the tab Control.

Clicking an object configured in this way (necessary assumption - running process D2000 Event Handler, that is the parent of the given event) will start the event instance. In this case, the predefined local variables are to be filled, as follows:

Predefined variable name Variable type Meaning
_FROM_HIP ALIAS _FROM_HIP Alias is initialized as the reference to an object of HIP type (Human interface), where the picture is opened in. *
_HIP_PAR_STR TEXT _HIP_PAR_STR Text parameter.
_HIP_USER_DESC TEXT _HIP_USER_DESC Description of the logged on user, enhanced with the computer name.

* The parameter _FROM_HIP can be used for communication with the process D2000 HI, the instance was started from.

For example: the action


displays for user the text message "Event Start".

In the version 4.5 and higher, it is better to use Active picture for interactive communication with user.

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