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MESSAGE action

Function Message for given operator into defined process D2000 HI - with no response.
MESSAGE strExpression [SINGLE]

MESSAGE strExpression [SINGLE] ON procIdent

strExpression in Expression of String type.
procIdent in Identifier of a Process type object (Human Interface).
SINGLE   Allows to display single messages in form of classic dialog box instead of a list. Multiple messages are still displayed as a list.

The action will show a text message (value of the expression strExpression) on the desktop of the defined process D2000 HI or all currently connected processes D2000 HI. If any process is not stated, the action is routed to process SELF.HIP.

If you want to display a text message on the desktop of process D2000 HI from which the action is being called (active picture or connecting the event to control), you must use the second declaration of the action as follows: ON _FROM_HIP.


Example of single message if "SINGLE" is used in the command.

Message action dialog

Example of single message if "SINGLE" is not used in the command.

Message action dialog

Selected messages may be saved into the clipboard (CTRL+C).

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