Admissible operands in expressions

The following types of operands may be used in expressions, that determine the value of object of Eval tag type, when configuring an object of Event type:

Operand type Operand syntax
Object name Object name including prefix and suffix.

M.POUT1; P.Speed; U.Transporter1Start
Numeric constant Integer or real constants. Real constants must contain the decimal point.

29; 5.25
System symbolic constant The symbol “@” is placed before their names in expressions.

@TRUE; @Crash
Object value attribute They are shown behind the object name, separated from the name by the back slash "\".

Function Function syntax is as follows: %NAME(arg1,arg2...argN),
  • NAME - function name
  • arg1...argN - function arguments. Function arguments may be object names, functions, logical or arithmetical expressions.
%SQRT(X2); %MAXR(T1,T2,T3)
Value array item ArrayName[index]
  • index – integer number or expression of Integer type
Structure item determined by serial column number Structure[index expression]^_columnIndex
  • Structure - object of Structured variable type or local variable of Recordtype in ESL
  • index expression - arbitrary expression, acquiring values of Integer type > 0
  • _columnIndex - local variable of Integer type, that defines the serial number of the column by means of its value (1 ..)
The method for definition of a column is allowed just in ESL.

 INT _colIdx
 _colIdx := 2
Structure item determined by column name Object[index expression]^ItemName
  • Object - its value must be Structure type
  • index expression - arbitrary expression, that gains a value of Integer type > 0
  • ItemName - name of the given item
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