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Licensing of D2000 products

D2000 software product is license protected. This document will provide you with the sufficient knowledge about the D2000 system licensing and what to do when you experience any problems.

Its functionality depends on the presence of either Hardware key or software one together with a license file that form a valid license.

If your work station does not contain the proper tools for licensing the D2000 System, the server is automatically started as DEMO mode. It is intended for the testing or trying the D2000 product.

Ipesoft tries to meet the wishes and requirements of its customers maximally. There is an effort to limit the functionality of the System minimally and to apply the tolerant attitude. The functionality of System, which is not included in the particular end-user license agreement, will not be limited, however the users will be informed about it regularly (see the chapter Breach of license agreement).

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