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%HI_RemapColorPal function


The function remaps the color palette in HI to other palette.

   HOBJ in colorPalette1,
   HOBJ in toColorPalette2
colorPalette1 The color palette that will be remapped.
toColorPalette2 The color palette to which other palette will be remapped.

It is useful to use the function if we need to change the color appearance of the application (skinnability).

The color palette is remapped by calling the% HI_RemapColorPal function.

The recommended use is to implement the application (or part of it) through a single color palette (for example, an application-defined FP_NORMAL palette). Subsequently, during run (throughout the HI process), the use of this palette can be changed (for example, the application-defined FP_BLUE palette) to change colors.


If the remapping effect (applicable to the FP_NORMAL palette) needs to be canceled, the second function parameter must match the first one.


The function allows you to remap or use a system color palette when mapped, if the value of parameter 0 is at the appropriate position.

%HI_RemapColorPal(FP_NORMAL\HBJ, 0)
%HI_RemapColorPal(0, FP_NORMAL\HBJ)


The function does not work recursively, i.e. if Palette1 is remapped to Palette2 and Palette2 to Palette3, the colors required from Palette1 will be from Palette2, not from Palette3. 

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