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Active picture manipulation functions

Functions are used for the active picture within the frame of which the script is implemented. Name of each function begins with the string %HI_... .

%HIX_  functions

Some %HI_ functions are also available in %HIX_ version. These functions are able to redirect the function executing to another picture (through the first two parameters).

Example: Function %HI_ClosePicture() is available in %HIX_ClosePictur (IN HBJ _picHBJ, IN INT _KInstance). %HI_ClosePicture closes picture in which it has been called. %HIX_ClosePicture closes picture defined by HOBJ (internal object identifier) and instance. Meaning of HOBJ and instance is the same as it is in the case of RPC CALL (parameters objIdent and instanceExpr).

If function %HIX_ is applied, the ESL script must be implemented for picture (it must be Active picture).

Types of functions:

The list of functions used for the work with the active picture

Active picture behaviour functions:

Functions for work with structures, whose values are partially-distributed into the picture (optimization by means of indexed local variable). The partial distribution allows to reduce the set of updated rows (values of the rows) of structured variable and, in some cases, to reduce new values (sending according the alteration method).

Popup menu manipulation functions:

HI menu manipulation functions:

Graph and Picture/Componet (displayer) manipulation functions:



Picture/Componet layers manipulation functions:

Picture/Componet history manipulation functions:

Other functions:

All functions are executed in picture in which they are called. E.g. calling the function %HI_ClosePicture() closes picture in which the calling has been done.

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