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Connecting graphic objects

In process D2000 GrEditor, connecting an object is basically the connection of a graphic object with a D2000 system object. According to the connection method, there are three types of connections:

  • connection to view - it is used to view some of the attributes of D2000 system object in the picture. Graphic object can display the value, time, status or value flag of an object,
  • connection to palettes - it is used to apply a particular palette to D2000 system object to cause displaying the object according to the specification in the palette definition,
  • connection to control - it is used to control (send a command) D2000 system object. Depending on the type of connected object, you can set a particular value of the object, opening the object in process D2000 HI, etc.

All the connection types may be used for one graphic object concurrently. For example, the object Button can display the values of the object (connection to view) in the form, specified by any of the possible palettes (connection to palettes), and control the value of this or other D2000 system object (connection to control).

Parameters for connecting objects are defined by means of the palette Connect object. The palette, in dependence on the type of selected graphic objects, contains several tabs that enable to define parameters for connecting the object.

Selection of an object to connect

At first, you must select particular graphic object. This object can be selected in the same way as you want to edit it - the topic Select graphic objects.

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