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 %AddIntervalMono function

The function adds relative time TimeR to absolute time TimeA. A result is value of Absolute time type.
TIME %AddIntervalMono(
   TIME in TimeA,
   REAL in TimeR,

TimeA Absolute time.
TimeR Relative time.


The function %AddIntervalMono adds relative time to absolute one. The result will be influenced by the fact if the time offset was or was not in this interval. E.g., if 3 hours are added to 1:00 a.m., the result can be 3:00 (advance to winter time), 4:00 or 5:00 a.m. (advance to summer time) in Slovakia.

 ; =================================================================
 ;  Slovakia (country for this example)
 ;  Time zone is UTC+1.
 ;  There are summer [A] and winter [B] time (with time shifts).
 ;  Summer time is from 29th March 2009 to 24th October 2009.
 ;  A3:00:00 is changed to B2:00:00 on Sunday (25th October 2009).
 ; =================================================================
  TIME _baseTime
  TIME _addMono1
  TIME _addMono2
  ; UTC 23:30:00 24.10.2009
  _baseTime := %StrToTimeEx("01:30:00 25.10.2009", "hh:mi:ss dd-mm-rrrr")
  ; add 1 hour - result time 25-10-2009 A2:30:00.000
  _addMono1 := %AddIntervalMono(_baseTime, 3600)
  ; add 2 hour - result time 25-10-2009 B2:30:00.000
  _addMono2 := %AddIntervalMono(_baseTime, 7200)

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