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Activity of server according to its state within redundant group (HS, SBS)

If the server is in HS state, it works in the way defined by the configuration. Moreover, server in the HS state provides replication of changes to all SBS servers. There are two types of changes:

  1. Configuration changes performed during the server run
  2. Changes of object values

SBS server sends the values of objects and configuration changes to all connected clients as needed (DODM relations). It provides the possibility to take over the HS functionality with no data loss (object values) or with no configuration loss. Activity of individual processes is given by their types (D2000 EVH, D2000 CLC, ...) and their activity when changing the server state HS -> SBS or SBS -> HS is specific. Generally, if their server is in SBS state, they try to behave in order to be identical with the state of the same process connected to the HS.

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