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%TimeToStr function

The function converts an absolute time to a text string according to entered mask.
TEXT %TimeToStr(
   TIME in TimeA, 
   TEXT in mask

timeA Absolute time.
mask Time format of result string.

Position of individual time components is given by the occurrence of the following strings in the entered mask.

String Description
yyyy or rrrr 4-digit year representation.
yy or rr Last two digits of year.
mm Month
dd Day
hh Hour
hb, HH Trading hour - hour in day from 1 to 25.
mi Minute
ss Second
mss Millisecond
tttt Name of day in week *.
ttt 3-character shortcut of the name of day in week *.
tt 2-character shortcut of the name of day in week *.

 %TimeToStr(M.TiA_01, "hh:mi:ss.mss dd-mm-rrrr")

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