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%SubTimesMono function

The function deducts absolute time TimeB from absolute time TimeA. A result is value of Relative time type.

REAL %SubTimesMono(
   TIME in TimeA,
   TIME in TimeB,

TimeA Absolute time.
TimeB Absolute time.


The function %SubTimesMono deducts one absolute time from another one. The result will be influenced by the fact if the time offset was or was not in this interval. For example, in Slovakia the difference between 4:00 and 1:00 a.m. can be two hours (advance to summer time), three hours or four hours (advance to winter time).

 ; =================================================================
 ;  Slovakia (country for this example)
 ;  Time zone is UTC+1.
 ;  There are summer [A] and winter [B] time (with time shifts).
 ;  Summer time is from 29th March, 2009 to 24th October, 2009.
 ;  A3:00:00 is changed to B2:00:00 on Sunday (25th October, 2009).
 ; =================================================================
  TIME _timeA
  TIME _timeB
  TIME _baseTime
  REAL _subMono1
  REAL _subMono2
  ; UTC 00:30:00 25.10.2009
  _timeA := %StrToTimeEx("A2:30:00 25.10.2009", "hh:mi:ss dd-mm-rrrr")
  ; UTC 01:30:00 25.10.2009
  _timeB := %StrToTimeEx("B2:30:00 25.10.2009", "hh:mi:ss dd-mm-rrrr")
  ; UTC 23:30:00 24.10.2009
  _baseTime := %StrToTimeEx("01:30:00 25.10.2009", "hh:mi:ss dd-mm-rrrr")
  ; ; difference 1 hour(s) (3600 seconds)
  _subMono1 := %SubTimesMono(_timeA, _baseTime)
  ; difference 2 hour(s) (7200 seconds)
  _subMono2 := %SubTimesMono(_timeB, _baseTime)

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