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%FIO_OpenRead function

The function opens the specified file for reading.
INT %FIO_OpenRead(
   TEXT in fileName
  [,BOOL in utf8 = @FALSE | ,TEXT in encoding = "@APP_DEFAULT@"]

fileName Name of the file to open.
utf8 Optional parameter of Boolean type. If it is not written its alternate value is @FALSE.

If the value is @TRUE, the file is supposed to be text-based and its content is encoded in UTF-8. When file encoded by UTF8 is being read a possible BOM is omitted (characters 0xEF, 0xBB, 0xBF).

encoding Optional parameter of Text type. If it is not defined, its default value is "@APP_DEFAULT@".
The list of supported encodings in ESL.

Return value
Zero - cannot open the file, nonzero - file opened.

Value of the parameter is used later when calling other %FIO_* functions, which need it. Value is valid within the ESL script instance, the function was called from.

Having finished work with the file, it must be closed by calling the function %FIO_Close. If execution of ESL script is terminated early, the process D2000 EventHandler will automatically close all open files.
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