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The following table contains the list of existing errors returned by the local variable _ERR_NR_TRANS_EX.

Internal nameValueDescription
Error codes during work with system objects
OBJECT_ALREADY_EXISTS1Object already exists.
OBJECT_NOT_FOUND2Object does not exist.
INVALID_ACCESS3Insufficient access rights.
SHARED_ACCESS_ERROR4Access error when trying to edit (object is being edited by other user).
OBJECT_NOT_OPENED5Object is not open.
OBJECT_IS_USED6Object is used (when trying to delete it).
INVALID_NAME7Invalid object name.
FATAL_ERROR8Fatal error.
OBJECT_IS_READ_ONLY9Object is read-only (when trying to edit or delete it).
OBJECT_HAS_CHILDREN10Object has children (when trying to delete it).
SAVE_REFERENCES_ERROR11Incorrect object references.
LICENCE_LIMIT_OVERRUN46Licence limit overrun (when trying to create a new object).
Error codes for output control
MANUAL_CTRL_DISABLED12Manual control disabled (when trying to set a value manually).
BAD_COMMAND13Bad command.
COMMAND_NOT_ACCEPTED14Illegal command.
PROCESS_NOT_RUNNING15Process for execution of the command is not running.
Error codes for configuration of topology
CREATE_NEW_ERROR16Error during creation of a new object of Topology type.
BAD_PARENT17Object has another parent.
NAME_ALREADY_EXISTS18Object with given name already exists - it is of other type.
BAD_CONNECT19Inappropriate control object for topological node of Terminal type.
Error codes for user's logins
USER_INVALID_ACCESS20Invalid access rights.
LOGON_WRONG_PASSWORD21Incorrect password. (version <= 12.2.65)
LOGON_NAME_ERROR22Incorrect login name. (version <= 12.2.65)
PASSWORD_EXPIR_TIME23Password validity has expired.
USER_IS_DISABLED24User login is disabled.
USER_EXPIR_TIME25Validity of user's account has expired.
LOGON_NAME_PASSWORD_ERROR54Incorrect name or password. (version >= 12.2.67)
Error codes for database backup
DATABASE_NOT_VALID26Database not valid.
BACKUP_FAILED27Backup failed.
OTHER_ERROR28Other error.
PATH_NOT_COMPLETE29Path not complete.
Error codes for access to database ( D2000 Archiv, D2000 DBManager, D2000 Server)
Error codes for connection to processes
INVALID_VERSION30Incorrect version.
PROCESS_RUN_DISABLED31Cannot start process.
PROCESS_LICENCE_DISABLED32Cannot start process - insufficient licence.
PROCESS_TCPIP_DENIED33Cannot start process - IP address is denied.
Error codes of process D2000 DBManager
PAGE_ERROR35Page error (in case of page access to database).
EDIT_DISABLED36Editing disabled (when trying to write to a read-only table).
DBM_SEQUENCE_ERROR37DBManager sequence error (invalid object identifier, non-existing transaction, ...)
DATABASE_OPEN_ERROR38Open database error.
BAD_CONDITION39Bad conditions.
48Too many rows in selection (more than specified by the parameter Maximum returned rows in the configuration of object of Database type).
DBM_CONNECTION_BROKEN_ERROR49Connection with database has been interrupted.
DBM_MAX_CONNECTIONS50Maximum number of connection to the database has been reached (the parameter Maximum connections in the configuration of object of Database type), new connection has not been created.
STRUCT_CHANGE51Change of object of Structure definition type in runtime (rows loaded from database do not correspond to the changed object of Structure definition type and are not to be sent to process D2000 Server).
52Access denied: object of Database type is set to OFF (the parameter Off in the configuration of the object)
Error codes of process D2000 Archiv
LOAD_TREZOR_ERROR40Error in loading depository database.
CREATE_WRT_FILE_ERROR41Create WRT file error when importing Sybase depository database.
OPEN_TREZOR_ERROR42Error in opening depository database.
CREATE_STATISTICS_ERROR43Error in creating statistics file for archive.
Error codes of Tell commands for process D2000 KOM
DUPLICATE_ADDRESS_ERROR44Duplicate address (when changing the address of I/O tag by using the Tell command SETPTADDR)
POINT_NOT_FOUND_ERROR45I/O tag not found (for Tell command SETPTADDR).
Error codes of process D2000 Application Manager
INVALID_DB_PASSWORD47Invalid password for access to the configuration database.