D2000 Components serve for fast and effective creation of visualization, basic overview of a status, values, process, devices, measurements, regulation, process status and provide basic pointers for a user/operator. 


  • Component is a scheme used for embedding design and functionality of a graphic object 
  • Easy repeated use
  • Data binding is parameterized from the parent scheme
  • Support of unlimited introduction of components 
  • Categorization of components 

Use of components

Selection of the component object and insertion into the scheme


 Figure  1 – Selection of the component object


Use of components in the scheme and parameterization 

 Figure  2 – Use of components in the scheme – Parameters ExtVar



 Figure  3 – Use of components in the scheme – Parameters ExtVar


 Parameterization of local variables of the “EXTERNAL” type


 Figure  4 – Definitions of local variables of the EXTERNAL type


After inserting component scheme into parenting scheme, it is possible to bind external variables of the component to variables of the parenting scheme or to D2000 objects. 



Figure  5 – Binding of external variables of the component

Categorization of components

In scheme parameters, it is possible to edit component groups and put the scheme into a component group.


It is possible to create component groups, to rename and delete them by selecting an item from the context menu, which is opened by a right-click.

 Figure  6 – Categorization of components

Sharing and distribution of components

It is possible to move component schemes, same as other D2000 objects, among applications using D2000 XML export/import.

We recommend to choose such name convention for components as to prevent conflicts of names with potential existing schemes and other objects. Components supplied by the IPESOFT company have the prefix com.ipesoft.lib in their name. 


  • A prefix in names of components/D2000 objects

–       S.com.ipesoft.lib.Valve

–       com.ipesoft.lib.Valve_Coloring.PAL

–       com.ipesoft.lib.Valve_StatusText


  • A prefix as a root of the category hierarchy of components 
  • A simple XML import of components



 Figure  7 – A prefix of components' names


Figure 8 – (CNF) XML Import of components


Process of a component import supplied by the IPESOFT company 


-        unzip a package in the form of a zip file (com.ipesoft.lib.Valves.zip) into prepared directory 

-        choose an item XML Import in the CNF process in the objects menu (see Figure  8 – (CNF) XML Import of components)

-        choose a directory where we have unzipped the component package in the directory structure

-        execute Import

after a successful import, imported components will display in the process of graphic editor in the corresponding category  (see Figure  1 – Selection of the component object)

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