OneSoft devices communication protocol

Supported device types and versions
Communication line configuration
Communication station configuration
Station protocol parameters
I/O tag configuration
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Supported device types and versions

This protocol supports data acquisition (in the case of SOFTCONTROL and OMOS devices, also data writing) from both the heat meters and control systems produced by OneSoft s.r.o. Prievidza.

The communication supports and was tested for these devices:


Communication line configuration

  • Communication line category: Serial, SerialOverUDP Device Redundant.
  • Serial line parameters:
    • Baud rate (it depends on the device settings),
    • Parity (usually none parity),
    • Handshaking depending on the type of converter RS232/RS485. Set Transmit and Receive delay to approx. 60 ms for the converters that are controlled by RTS signal.

Protocol line parameters

ParameterMeaningUnitDefault value
Scan Mode (read-only)
Configuration of passive mode (Scan only) in which no requests are sent, only responses processed.-NO
Wait Timeout in Scan Mode
The delay between reading data in Scan

Communication station configuration

  • Communication protocol: OneSoft Devices
  • Station address requires to set these parameters:
    • Device ID (from 0 up to 65535).
    • Data block size (see Table 2).
    • End of range for calculation the checksum „Checksum after: “ (see Table1).

Table 1

Device typeData block sizeChecksum after
FC200 ST9391
FC200 WM9290

In the configuration dialog window of the station, you can choose a device that presets the values from Table 1.

For SOFTCONTROL devices, the setting of data block size is different than block size for calculating the checksum depending on firmware in the particular application. We recommend you to ask for technical documentation from a producer. At the end of the data block you can find the following information:

 sprava[314] = 0x22 ; 
 sprava[315] = 0xcc ; // end of transmission
 /* number of transmitted bytes = 315 */

From this information, it results that the value for "Data block size" and "Checksum after" is 316 (the number of transmitted bytes is in fact 315+1). 

OMOS devices do not need this parameter. You can set zero values. When configuring OMOS stations, remember that the device consists of several separate modules. Each module is configured as a separate station. See the parameter of station protocol "OMOS ICS module".

OMOS devices can be time-synchronized - the parameter "Synchronization period" on the tab "Time parameter" in station configuration should be enabled.

Station protocol parameters

Communication station - configuration dialog box - Protocol parameters tab.
These parameters influence some optional parameters of the protocol. You can set the following station parameters:

Table 2

ParameterMeaningUnitDefault value
Wait Before Request
Delay that is used before each request.ms100
Wait First Timeout
First delay before reading the response after sending the request.ms500
Wait Timeout
Timeout between readings of response until it is completed.ms400
Retry Timeout
Delay before resending the request when no answer is received.ms1000
Max Wait Retry
The number of repeated readings of response until it is completed.-8
Retry Count
The maximum number of repeated requests.-3
Request Repetition
The number of repeated requests sent before reading the answer.-1
OMOS Device
Communication with OMOS.YES/NONO
ICS address of module of OMOS (module SYSTEM=0, other modules UK/TUV as per configuration).-0
Maxtronic 05
Communication with MAXTRONIC 05.YES/NONO

Maxtronic 15D

Communication with MAXTRONIC 15D.YES/NONO
SoftControl Device
Communication with SOFTCONTROL.YES/NONO
Begin of Write Block
The beginning index of the data block for writing to SOFTCONTROL/OMOS (see note).-156
End of Write Block
The ending index of the data block for writing to SOFTCONTROL/OMOS (see note).-283

Note related to the parameters "Begin of write block" and "End of write block":
These parameters are useful for SOFTCONTROL and OMOS in case of value writing.

SOFTCONTROL: The documentation shows the information in the data block of response as follows:

/***************** beginning of parameters change ***************************/
 //VZT-A TUV1 ------
 pmc=tzmi[5] *10; sprava[156] // 50-z 1.TEPLOTNA HLADINA
 pmc=tzmi[6] *10; sprava[158] // 51-z 2.TEPLOTNA HLADINA 

It marks the beginning of the data block with writing possibility. In this case, the value is 156. The whole data block is usually marked with a different color in the documentation.

OMOS: The setting of "Begin of write block" is 50 for all module types. The value of "End of write block" is 111.

I/O tag configuration

I/O tags: Di, Ai, Ci, TiA, Ao, Co

In the configuration of the I/O tag address you must define the following parameters:

  • A position of the start of value in a data block („Position:“). If regards I/O tags of Di type, you can also define a bit number (0 to 7 for single-byte values, 0 to 15 for double-byte and 0 to 31 for four-byte). The address is written as Position.Bit, e.g. "24.0" means that the position = 24, the bit number = 0.
  • Value type:
    • „BYTE“ – 1-byte unsigned,
    • „INT“ – 2-byte integer signed,
    • „LONG“ – 4-bytes integer signed,
    • „WORD“ – 2-byte word unsigned,
    • „ULONG“ – 4-byte word unsigned,
    • „FLOAT“ – 4-byte float,
    • „DOUBLE“ – 8-byte float (only for Maxtronic 05/15D).

The values, their meaning, the address parameter, technical units, multiply coefficient, are stated in Table 3. For SOFTCONTROL devices, the address parameter "Position" can be found in technical documentation. The address is the number in square brackets behind the word "sprava", e.g.:

pmc=ttuv2          *10; sprava[ 24] //   8 - VLHKOST A 

In this example, the address "Position" is 24.

You can configure one I/O tag of TiA type (an actual time of a meter with minute accuracy) for each station. A time in the data block is always on the same position, therefore you need not configure the parameter "Position:" (it is not applicable for SOFTCONTROL).

Table 3

ValueTech. unitsPositionValue typeMultiply coefficient
Analog value 1
Analog value 2
Analog value 3
Analog value 4
El. power M1kW (MW)17INT100
El. power M2kW (MW)19INT100
El. work M1kWh (MWh)25LONG10
El. work M2kWh (MWh)29LONG10
Running time M1min33LONG
Running time M2min37LONG
Date of reset M1
Date of reset M2
Phys. size of analog value A1
Phys. size of analog value A2
Phys. size of analog value A3
Phys. size of analog value A4
The current time of interval M1min57INT
The current time of interval M2min63INT
The dimension of quantity M1 (MWh,kWh,MW,kW)
The dimension of quantity M2 (MWh,kWh,MW,kW)
Set 1/4 hour max. M1
Set 1/4 hour max. M2
Actual 1/4 hour work M1
Actual 1/4 hour work M2
FC200 ST
ValueTech. unitsPositionValue typeMultiply coefficient
Steam temperature°C9INT10
Condensing temperature°C11INT10
Steam pressure abs.kPa13INT
Mass flow rate - steamt,kg / hour17INT
Mass flow rate - condensatet,kg / hour19INT
Heat rate - steamMW, kW21INT
Heat rate - condensateMW, kW23INT
Heat steamMWh, kWh25LONG100
Heat condensateMWh, kWh29LONG100
Running time - circuit 1min33LONG
Running time - circuit 2min37LONG
Date of reset - circuit 1
Date of reset - circuit 2
Steam quantityt, kg49LONG100
Condensate quantitym3, lit.53LONG100
Heat under limit of saturation - steamkWh, MWh69LONG100
Differential pressure - steamkPa73INT100
Differential pressure - condensatekPa75INT100
Lower limit of manometer - steamkPa77INT
Lower limit of manometer - condensatekPa79INT
Superheating - steam°C83INT10
FC200 WM
ValueTech. unitPositionValue typeMultiply coefficient
Temperature Output°C9INT10
Temperature Reverse°C11INT10
Method of flow measurement O - 3
Flowm3,l / hour17INT10
Heat rateMW, kW21INT100
Quantity of heatMWh, kWh25LONG100
Running timemin33LONG
Water quantitym3, l49LONG100
Size 0 - m3/t, 1 - l/kg
Delta PkPa73INT100
Water enthalpy - outputkJ / kg83INT
Water enthalpy - reversekJ / kg85INT
ValueTech. unitPositionValue typeMultiply coefficient
Temperature - output M.1°C9INT10
Temperature - reverse M.1°C11INT10
Temperature - output M.2°C13INT10
Temperature - reverse M.2°C15INT10
Flow M.1m3 / hour17INT10
Flow M.2m3 / hour19INT10
Temperature power M.1MW21INT100
Temperature power M.2MW23INT100
Quantity of heat M.1MWh25LONG100
Quantity of heat M.2MWh29LONG100
Running time M1min33LONG
Running time M2min37LONG
Max. 1/4 hour power M1MW49INT100
K factor M1imp / m351INT
Actual 1/4 hour power M1MW53INT100
K factor M2imp / m355INT
Water quantity M1m373LONG100
Water quantity M2m377LONG100
ValueTech. unitPositionValue typeMultiply coefficient
Steam temperature°C9INT10
Temperature condensate°C11INT10
Steam pressurekPa13INT
Steam flowt / hour17INT100
Flow - condensatem3 / hour19INT100
Heat rate - steamMW21INT100
Heat rate - condensateMW23INT100
Total heat - steamMWh25LONG100
Quantity of heat - condensateMWh29LONG100
Running time of the devicemin33LONG
Total heat T<saturMWh37LONG100
Amount of steamton49LONG100
Quantity of condensatem353LONG100
Interval heatMWh69LONG100
Lower limit of manometerkPa77INT
Higher limit of manometerkPa79INT
ValueTech. unitPositionValue typeMultiply coefficient
Steam temperature M.1°C9INT10
Temperature of condensate M.2°C11INT10
Steam pressure M.2kPa13INT
Flow M.1kg,t / hour17INT100
Flow M.2l,m3 / hour19INT100
Temperature - output M.1kW, MW21INT100
Temperature - output M.2kW, MW23INT100
Quantity of heat M.1kWh, MWh25LONG100
Quantity of heat M.2kWh, MWh29LONG100
Running time M1min33LONG
Quantity of heat under the limit of densitykWh, MWh37LONG100
Amount of steam M1kg, t49LONG100
Quantity of condensatel, m353LONG100
Time when T < Tdens.min57LONG
Measuring steam 0 - t/MW, 1 - kg/kW
Measuring condensate 0 -m3/MW, 1 –l/kW
Lower value on the manometerkPa77INT
Higher value on the manometerkPa79INT
Superheat of steam°C83INT10

Note: I/O tags whose values are multiplied by the coefficient in a meter must be converted to the technical units (I/O tag configuration, tab "Conversion") by a linear conversion according to Table 4:

Table 4

Multiply coefficientLinear conversion – coeff. ALinear conversion – coeff. B

Warning: I/O tags of Ci type that are modified by linear conversion will lose the accuracy on decimal positions (value will be approximated to integer numbers). We recommend you to use Ai type.



Changes and modifications


Document revisions

  • Ver. 1.0 – September 8, 2000 – Creation of document.
  • Ver. 1.1 - January 23, 2002 - Support of SOFTCONTROL device, modification of the document.
  • Ver. 1.2 - November 26, 2009 - Support of OMOS device, modification of the document.
  • Ver. 1.3 - December 5, 2011 - Support of Maxtronic 05.
  • Ver. 1.4 - October 24, 2022 - Support of Maxtronic 15D.
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