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Supported device types and versions  
Communication line configuration
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Supported device types and versions

The Protocol supports communication with gas-volume conversion devices ELCOR-94 (produced by ELGAS company) directly or through the DATCOM concentrator (tested with DATCOM-K1).

Communication line configuration

The asynchronous transfer parameters according to the specific device setting.

Communication station configuration

  • Communication protocol: Elcor ELGAS Daniel.
  • Station address: value from 0 to 255. If the address is 0, the device must reply obligatorily.

Station protocol parameters

A station configuration dialog - tab "Protocol parameters".
The protocols affected some of the protocol optional parameters. The following station protocol parameters can be entered:

Table No. 1

KeywordFull nameDescriptionMeasuring UnitDefault value
Retry CountPoll repetition count in case of a communication error.
Wait First TimeoutFirst waiting for a response after sending the request.ms50 ms
Wait TimeoutDelay between response readings until its finalization.ms50 ms
Max. Wait RetryRepetition count of response readings until its finalization.
Full DebugA high level of communication logging, received values of I/O tags are displayed.
Static Data Read TimeoutStatic values reading period (1-240 min). Static value is a configuration constant ELCOR-94, see table No. 2.min60 min
Hourly Archive Periodic ReadingA period for the reading of the values of hourly archives (0-60 min). Value 0 disables the reading.min0 min

I/O tag configuration

Possible I/O tag types: Di, Ai, Ci, TxtI, Ao, Co.

The address of the I/O tag is entered in the form of text as follows:



         S - Static value - it is read with the timeout which is defined by value of station protocol parameter Static Data Read Timeout.
           Group - number of GROUP, only one obligatory direct parameter
                 B - BCD coded number
                    Type - value type: 'F'-Float[4], 'c'-Char[1], 'L'-Long[4], 'U'-Ulong[4], 'i'-Int[2], 'u'-Uint[2]
                          .Offset - position in packet, implicitly at the beginning (0)
                                  .Bit - bit number 1..8

The following special addresses can be entered as a text:

NOStandardized volume, it is calculated internally according to the formula:  (G63 + G70 + (G37 * 1000000000)) * G30
OPThe current pressure, it is calculated internally according to the formula: G61 * G29
OTThe current temperature, it is calculated internally according to the formula:  G69 * G64
NPOThe current standardized flow, it is calculated internally according to the formula:  (G60 * G27) + G28

A typical addresses configuration of the ELCOR-94 device is shown in table No. 2:

Table No. 2

Object descriptionValue typeAddressMeasurement units
Battery statusInteger inputS35L%
Relative densityAnalog inputS17
CO2 concentrationAnalog inputS15%
N2 concentrationAnalog inputS16%
Impulse constantAnalog inputS30
Alternate compressibilityAnalog inputS22
Pressure lower limitAnalog inputS25kPa
Pressure upper limitAnalog inputS26kPa
Alternate pressureAnalog inputS21kPa
Referential pressureAnalog inputS19kPa
Flowage lower limitAnalog inputS32m3/hour
Flowage upper limitAnalog inputS33m3/hour
Temperature lower limitAnalog inputS23°C
Temperature upper limitAnalog inputS24°C
Alternate temperatureAnalog inputS20°C
Referential temperatureAnalog inputS18°C
Device, FW versionText inputS46
Customer numberText inputS4
Serial No. ELCOR-94Text inputS3
Gas meter serial No.Text inputS2
Temperature sensor serial No.Text inputS0
Pressure sensor serial No.Text inputS1
Momentary pressureAnalog inputOPkPa
Momentary operating flowageAnalog input69m3/hour
Momentary standardized flowageAnalog inputNPONm3/hour
Momentary temperatureAnalog inputOT°C
Accumulated error - pressure sensor errorLogical input71c.4.7
Accumulated error - pressure above maximumLogical input71c.4.2
Accumulated error - pressure under minimumLogical input71c.4.1
Accumulated error - flowage above maximumLogical input71c.4.6
Accumulated error - temperature sensor errorLogical input71c.4.5
Accumulated error - temperature above maximumLogical input71c.4.4
Accumulated error - temperature under minimumLogical input71c.4.3
Error - pressure sensor errorLogical input71c.3.7
Error - pressure above maximumLogical input71c.3.2
Error - pressure under minimumLogical input71c.3.1
Error - flowage above maximumLogical input71c.3.6
Error - temperature sensor errorLogical input71c.3.5
Error - temperature above maximumLogical input71c.3.4
Error - temperature under minimumLogical input71c.3.3
Grade of compressibility KAnalog input52
Standardized volumeAnalog inputNONm3
Diagnostics resetInteger output57
Alternate standardized volumeAnalog input67UNm3
Alternate operating volumeAnalog input66Um3
Operating volumeAnalog input62Um3
Current time - dayInteger input39Bc.3
Current time - hourInteger input39Bc.4
Current time - minuteInteger input39Bc.5
Current time- monthInteger input39Bc.2
Current time - secondInteger input39Bc.6
Current time - yearInteger input39Bc.1
Conversion number ZAnalog input64

The protocol supports reading from the ELCOR-94 data archive. It is possible to obtain the hourly records of the following values:

  • The current temperature (I/O with "OT" address),
  • The current pressure (I/O with "OP" address),
  • Operating volume (I/O with group "62" address),
  • Standardized volume (I/O with "NO" address).

Tell command GETOLDVAL starts the data archive reading.


  • ELCOR-94, Daniel - Protocol physical layer description 29.8.1996, ELGAS s.r.o.
  • Reference manuals of producer ELGAS s.r.o. http://www.elgas.cz

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  • Ver. 1.0 - November 8th, 2007 - Document creation.
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