Advantech ADAM 4000 Series communication protocol

Supported device types and versions
Communication line configuration
Communication station configuration
I/O tag configuration
Changes and modifications
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Supported device types and versions

The protocol allows reading and writing data into the Advantech ADAM series 4000 devices.

Types of usable I/O tags according to ADAM type are listed in the following table:

Table 1

Type and range of measurementsADAM device typeRead/Write
1 x analog input AI4011, 4011D, 4012, 4013, 4014D, 4016R
8 x analog input AI4017, 4018, 4018M, 4019R
1 x analog output AO4021R/W
4 x analog output AO4024R/W
4 x digital output DOUT4060R/W
8 x digital output DOUT4068, 4069R/W
12 x digital output DOUT4056S, 4056SOR/W
8 x digital input DI4052, 4068R
16 x digital input DI4051, 4053R

Communication line configuration

Required line parameters:

Communication station configuration

  • Communication protocol: Advantech ADAM Series 4000
  • Station address – Module Address - ADAM module address (according to the setting of modules in configuration), a number in the range of 0 to 255 specified either as a decimal number or a hexadecimal number with a hash at the beginning (e.g. #1A).
  • Time parameters – polling parameters – for optimal and quick communication - Delay 0 seconds (all stations).

Station protocol parameters

Configuration dialog box - tab „Parameters".
They influence some optional parameters of the protocol.

Table 2

Full nameMeaningUnitDefault value
Retry Count
A retry count of the request in case of a communication failure.-2
Retry Timeout
The delay between request retry in case of a communication failure.ms300 milliseconds
Wait First Timeout
The delay after sending the request before reading the response.ms200 milliseconds
Wait Timeout
The delay between response readings till its completing.ms200 milliseconds
Max Wait Retry
Retry count of response reading till its completing.-8
Using the checksum. Set according to the setting of module ADAM in the configuration.YES/NOYES

For further information on protocol parameters, see the topic Communication line - configuration dialog box.

I/O tag configuration

I/O tag address requires two parameters:

  • Channel - number of ADAM module channel, a number in the range of 0 - 15 (for ADAM module with one channel, use Channel = 0), specified either as a decimal number or a hexadecimal number with a hash at the beginning (e.g. #A).

The following table represents the configuration of channels for individual types of ADAM modules:

Table 3

ModuleTag typeChannel (channels) number
4011, 4011D, 4012, 4013, 4014D, 40161 x AI0
4017, 4018, 4018M, 40198 x AI0 up to 7
40211 x AO0
40244 x AO0 up to 3
40604 x DOUT0 up to 3
4068, 40698 x DOUT0 up to 7
4056S, 4056SO12 x DOUT0 up to 11
4052, 40688 x DI0 up to 7
4051, 405316 x DI0 up to 15

Reading and writing of analog inputs and outputs are supported for the “Engineering units” data format.

For the other configuration parameters of I/O tags see the topic I/O tag - configuration dialog box.


  • Advantech ADAM 4000 Data Acquisition Modules User's Manual, Edition 10.7, May 2007.

Changes and modifications

  • February 2008 – Option Checksum.
  • August 2009 - Support of the value DOUT.

Document revisions

  • Ver. 1.2 – February 8th, 2000 – Update for 4.07 and 4.10 versions.
  • Ver. 1.3 - March 13th, 2008 - Update of protocol parameters.
  • Ver. 1.4 - April 27th, 2009 - Document update.
  • Ver. 1.5 - August 17th, 2009 - Document update.
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