Editing objects

Editing of all objects in the process D2000 CNF is being performed in the dialog box, which specific part is:

An example of configuration dialog box:

Example - Configuration dialog box
Button Meaning
Save Save the object configuration into the system.
Shift + Save Entry of comment, which is saved to modification history.
Undo Restore the object configuration according to the last saved one.
Use Sample Set the object configuration according to another object of the same type.
Cancel Cancel the object configuration.

Dialog window for the object editing contains a check box "close dialog window after save". If this check box is marked, the dialog window will be closed automatically after button "Save" pressing. The setting (check box marking) is written to the register and it remains after re-opening of the dialog window. It is connected to the application.

Dialog window for comments when saving the object in CNF

Comment in D2000 CNF
  • ComboBox in which user can chose from the last N (set to 10) used comments.
  • By choosing the comment from ComboBox this appears in editing window and at the same time it moves to the first position in the history of comments (i.e. the latest comment).
  • By typing brand new comment to the editing window, the last comment "drops out" of the history in ComboBox (obviously if previous number of comments is N).

The comment is written also into the logging database as a part of record about the object configuration (only System event class). It is written in the square brackets in column Incident.

Context menu of configuration window

Right-click on the configuration dialog box opens the pop-up menu. It contains the items:

Pop-up menu

References item will display the list of used objects.

Object parameterisation

The items of object parameterisation are available only when the configured object is a member of the application module.

Assign AM parameter

Opens dialog window in which the AM parameter is assigned to the configuration object property. This configuration property will be highlighted in color then.

Remove AM parameter

Removes the parameter from the configuration object property.

List configuration properties

Opens dialog window containing the list of configuration properties.

Highlight all conf. properties

Highlights all the configuration object properties that can be parameterized.

Write a comment...