Communication stations - Communication protocol parameters

Parameters depending on the protocol type determine the communication protocol behavior during communication with the station. Parameters are entered into the Protocol parameters textbox in the form:

PRM1=value;PRM2=value etc.

PRM1, PRM2 - names of parameters

In the following table, the most commonly used protocol parameters are described together with the explanation of function. These are used mainly for asynchronous protocols of the Request/Response type. Particular types of supported parameters for individual protocols can be found in the documentation of protocols.

RCRetry CountThe maximum number of request's repeats, if no response to the request is received.
RTRetry Time [ms]Time (in milliseconds) of request delay if the previous response is evaluated as invalid.
WFTWait First Time [ms]The first delay before reading response after request transmission is finished.
WTWait Time [ms]Delay between individual data readings from the communication line before the response is completed.
MWRMax Wait RetryThe maximum number of response reading repeats from the communication line before the response is completed. Between readings, there is a WT delay.

komunik2.gif (477 bytes)

AA request is repeated at most RC times.
BThe first WFT delay after message transmission.
CThe next WT delays are repeated at most MWR times.
DIf the response is not valid, there is an RT delay and the request is repeated.
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