Structure of D2000 application directory

Application directory is the main directory for all D2000 system applications created using the D2000 Application Manager. The structure of the application directory of D2000 V11.00 is shown in the following figure.

Directory Meaning / contents
D2000.APP Application directory of D2000 system.
D2000.APP\App01 Directory of the application - App1.
D2000.APP\App01\Archiv Archive database - archiv.db.
D2000.APP\App01\BigBMP Sizeable bitmaps (.bmp) for using as background in pictures.
D2000.APP\App01\Bitmaps Bitmaps (.bmp) for using in pictures.
D2000.APP\App01\java\eclipseproject Project directory for Eclipse development environment (see Eclipse development environment).
*) D2000.APP\App01\java\server Working directory of D2000 Server process which the Java code is compiled in.
D2000.APP\App01\java\shared Directory mirrored automatically on computers which the client processes of D2000 using Java are running on (the directory and its subdirectories, placed on server, are operated by the application programmers).
D2000.APP\App01\java\shared\classes Directory containing any user Java classes to be used in applications (see libraries in Java).
D2000.APP\App01\java\shared\lib Directory containing any external Java libraries to be used in applications (see libraries in Java).
*) D2000.APP\App01\java\work Directory intended for work with files .java during editing of the pictures and events.
*) D2000.APP\App01\java\work\generated
*) D2000.APP\App01\java\work\user . java file representing the script will be copied into this directory when the picture or event is being opened/edited in D2000 GrEditor or D2000 CNF.
D2000.APP\App01\Logfile Log database - logfile.db.
D2000.APP\App01\LogTrezor Directory for log database deposits.
D2000.V40\App01\LogTrezor\Compress Log database deposits compressed.
D2000.APP\App1\LogTrezor\Prev Log database deposit before compression.
D2000.APP\App01\SqlBack Default directory for backup.
D2000.APP\App01\Syscfg Configuration database - syscfg.db.
D2000.APP\App01\Syscfg\Backup Configuration database backup.
D2000.APP\App1\Trace Text files – logs from communication process monitoring (received data, sent data, communication failures and errors, etc.).
D2000.APP\App01\Trezor Directory of archive database deposits.
D2000.APP\App01\Trezor\Compress Archive database deposits compressed.
D2000.APP\App01\Trezor\Prev Archive database depository before compression.
D2000.APP\App01\Values Database of starting values of user variables and structured variables – values.db.

Note 1: App01 is the directory of particular application. The directory name is optional.

Note 2: The directories marked with *) can be considered to be temporary, i.e. they are used only when the application is running and the content of which is managed by processes of D2000 System. It does not required to copy these directories during copying of the application because they are generated / restored automatically by D2000 System at the application start and its development.

Note 3: If you use an own application help, the application directory contains also the directory Help with a file of application help (.chm file).

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