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This dialog window displays the list of all defined keywords and their translations and enables their sorting. It may be opened after clicking List of keys and translations from the dialog window Dictionary.

List of keys and translations

At the upper part of the window, there is a filter. The list may be filtered by a key or selected language. Several recently defined filters are kept in the window. To add the filter to the list, click the button . To cancel filtering, use the button Remove filtering.

Below the filter, there is a list of keywords and translations.
The first column displays the number of usage of the key in an application. This count is only approximated as it originates from an analysis of the application database that is not able to detect some references to a dictionary, which may be in the computer registers. It relates to the configuration of external tools, Description parameter.

The next columns contain keys and translations in defined languages. The keys with the texts are highlighted with white colour, those that do not contain any text are yellow and undefined are highlighted with light blue colour.

At the bottom of dialog window, there is this information:

  • Number of current page (number of keys on the page) / number of pages, e.g. 1(200)/8.
  • The total number of keys (+keys that are used in the application / -keys that are not used in the application), e.g. 1539 (+23/-1516).

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