BOOL Values of BOOL type are labeled by the predefined identifiers @TRUE and @FALSE.
HBJ Value containing an internal identifier of D2000 system, that uniquely determines an object. It is compatible with INT type.
INT Integer value within the range of -2147483648...2147483647.
REAL The range of REAL type values is 2.3 x 10308 ≤ |x| ≤ 1.7 x 10308 and the value of 0.
TEXT Value of TEXT type represents a sequence of characters with the maximum length of 2500 characters enclosed between the quotes (e.g. "text" or 'text'). To display the characters " or ', use the characters twice (e.g. "text:""hallo""" or 'text:''hallo''').
In case, that a text value is exceeded the limit, the system "trims" it automatically to 2500 characters and assign the attribute s_val_Weak (Weak) to the value.

Values of TIME type express an absolute time with the accuracy of a millisecond. Text-to-time conversion and vice-versa is allowed by date and time manipulation functions.

UNIVAL Optional value type.
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