Editing of all objects in the process D2000 CNF is being performed in the configuration dialog box, a specific part of which is common for all editable objects and another part depends on the type of edited object.

Data purpose object is used for Table configuration to define time depth of data in assigned column and it's following anonymization or to define time depth of the whole table. Predefined objects exist in the system for each type of logging event. Their storage depth in logging database is defined in a corresponding object of Data purpose type.


Table of intervals contains columns begin time and end time to define time interval and time depth of data in days, which will be used for data created in given interval. Intervals are closed from left (begin time is included in the interval) and open from right (end time is not included in the interval), intervals must be mutually disjoint, there must be no spaces between intervals, and intervals must be defined to contain whole time period from 1.1.1901 to 31.12.2099. These rules are enforced by D2000 CNF and if needed, intervals are modified for these rules to be fulfilled.


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