KOM is the process of communication and processing of measured values, that:

  • allows communication with control systems via serious communication lines, telephone modem, wireless communication using radiomodems, communication via the bus BITBUS, and others,
  • allows communication with various control system simultaneously (Landis&Gyr PRU, Landis&Gyr PRV, SAE Control, Dragon-CS, Diamo-L and others),
  • acquire information about the states and values of parameters in monitored technology,
  • executes primary value processing - filtration, linearization, conversion to technical units,
  • provides setting required values and states in technology.

KOM process has not its own desktop for communication with user.


Object hierarchy - Communication process, Line, Station, I/O Tag

Hierarchia objektov - Komunikačný proces, Linka, Stanica, Meraný bod

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