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User attributes - flags

For each value in D2000 system, there are defined 16 binary attributes marked by the characters from A up to P, where each of the attributes can get the value either TRUE or FALSE.

Value of individual flags depends on the type of object that is having a value. For objects of User variable and Eval tag, user can define the meaning and values of flags according to his/her own needs (for the user variable - the parameter A, B, C, ... P, for eval tag - the function %SetFlagsV or use object value attributes in expressions). Some other objects (Station, Switch and I/O tag) define the values and meaning of individual flags in dependence on their configuration (for switches see the topic Switch values, for I/O tags, the values of flags depends on the used communication protocols - the topic Communication protocols).

When archiving the values of object, the information on the values of individual flags are archived too.

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