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Modification, or storing of a value into the archive.
 UPDATEARCHVAL valueIdent, archIdent [,[retIdent_Int], bRecalcStat_Bool]
valueIdentinIdentifier of a value that is to be written into the archive.
archIdentinReference to one of (historical) value - (not controlled whether the archive object is used - adding reference to object is enough).
retIdent_IntoutIdentifier of Int type - return code: the action success (optional parameter).
bRecalcStat_BoolinIdentifier of Bool type - enable/disable the calculation of depending statistical historical values (optional parameter).
The action modifies (or store a new) a value into the for the archive object archIdent. The value is given by the identifier valueIdent. Time of its storing into the database is the time when the value valueIdent occurred. I the identifier retIdent_Int is not specified, the action doesn't wait for the storing confirmation. If the identifier is stated, gains one of the following values:
If the identifier retIdent_Int is not specified, there is no feedback to detect the action success. Action execution time is short, because it is only a request that is sent to system.

If the identifier is specified, the script waits for the physical storing of a value into the archive database.


If I use the action to store a value into the archive without waiting and then I want to read this value, the read value almost certainly is not the one that was stored by previous action.

Calculation of depending statistical historical values can be disabled by setting the parameter bRecalcStat_Bool to the value of @FALSE.

Storing a value into the archive:

REAL _archVal
TIME _archTime
INT _retCode
; archiving time
_archTime := %StrToTime("12:0:0 1-12-2000")
; prepare a value together with time
_archVal := 1 TIME _archTime
; storing into the archive
UPDATEARCHVAL _archVal, H.Int, _retCode
; action success test
; error at storing

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