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%SetItemValue function

The function sets a value of a structure item given by the number of a row and a column.
   HBJ in objRef, 
   INT in row, 
   INT in col, 
   UNIVAL in newItemVal

objRef Expression of HBJ type (reference to a Structured variable type object).
row Row index.
col Column index.
newItemVal Expression of optional type.

The function provides an alternative method of the access to items of a structure using the row and column index. In this case, a structure is understood as a value matrix.


TEXT _i 
  SV.Structure[2]^Text := "new value of text type" 
 _i := %SetItemValue(SV.Structure\HBJ, 2, 1, "new value of text type")


gain the same values.

Return value of the function is the previous value of given structured variable item.

See also the attribute: \HBJ

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