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%SetFlags function

Old name
The function sets flags of defined expression value. Result is a value of the same type as the expression.
UNIVAL  %SetFlags(
        in expression, 
        in @FlagName, 
   BOOL in FlagValue, 

Expression Expression determining the eval tag value. It must be identical with the type of given eval tag.
@FlagName Flag identification.
FlagValue Value of the flag defined by the parameter @FlagName.

The same value may be assigned to flags with no value that is assigned by this function. Assignment of a value to such flags is performed using the character X as the argument of FlagName (@X). For example: the following function
 %SetFlags(X.DayCOPDH*1.5, @A, PDH_N, @X, @FALSE)

assigns a value of the expression PDH_N to the flag A and the value False to another flags B up to P. If the argument @X is not entered, unset flags are unchanged. During the object generation, values of all its flags are FALSE.
%SetFlags(X.DayCOPDH, @A, F_1, @C, F_2, @C, F_3, @X, @FALSE)


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