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Application data (metadata) can be assigned to each graphic object and to column of Browser displayer in the System D2000 application. This metadata are used as storage room for data. The records are stored in key/value format whereby key and value are in the form of text. Value assigned to key can be gained by calling the function %HI_GetMetadata and %HI_GetColumnMetadata.
If the object contains some metadata, the name of the first record will be displayed in the button. Multiple records are indicated by ",...".

Metadata can be set in Connect object palette, Script tab.

Connect object palette - Script tab

Configuration of metadata:

Configuration of metadata

Button Action
Add Adds a new record.
Delete Deletes marked record.
OK Saves the changes.
Cancel Cancel the changes.

The key name can be changed by double click on key in the left part of dialog box. Record value can be changed by choosing the key in left part of dialog box and setting the required value in right part of dialog box.

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