GIT object history allows recording of all changes of objects together with information about what changes in object settings have occurred. Git is used as a versioning system for storing object changes in the D2000 system.


Configuration of GIT object history is possible using TELL commands, or they can be set as parameters of the D2000 Server process.

In order to use the GIT object history, it is first necessary to set the path to the repository (TELL command REPOSITORY INIT <path>, but if on given path does not exists repository, new one will be created, or D2000 server process parameter XmlGitRepositoryPath, but on given path repository must exists). Then it is necessary to turn on the history recording itself (TELL command REPOSITORY ON, or process parameter of the D2000 server XmlGitRepositoryEnabled).

If it is a redundant system with a common repository, it is advisable to set the process parameter of the D2000 server XmlGitSharedRepoInRedundancy so that only the active (hot) server writes changes to the repository.


Viewing the history of objects with recorded changes is possible even when history recording is currently disabled. However, it is necessary to set the path to the repository from which the information is read.

The GIT Object History window is divided into several sections:

  1. Object type filter
  2. Object name filter
  3. List of changes made
  4. Preview of changes made

Object type filter

At the top is a filter of logical groups of objects. Below it is a list of object types.

Object name filter

At the top is the table control. Below it is a list of objects that match the object type filter and the logical group filter.

List of changes made

At the top is the table control along with the full-text filter. The full-text filter searches only for displayed records, if there are more records than can be displayed, at the end of the list "Upload more records" is displayed, while clicking on this line will display more records. Click on an individual in the list to see a preview of the change.

Sidebar filter panel with the option to filter in a given period and the option to select the number of records per page. At the top right is the button for setting the default values.

Preview of changes made

This view is divided into two parts, with the left side showing the old version and the right side showing the new version of the object, indicating the changes that have been made to the record. At the top, there are options for saving the old or new version of the file and navigating for individual changes between the old and new versions .

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