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The action allows to find a file or directory in defined directory.
 FIND_FILES directory, mask, bRecursive, filesDesc, retCode
directoryinExisting directory, where to find. TEXT type.
maskinName of the file or directory you want to look for. It can contains the characters * and ?. TEXT type.
bRecursiveinBOOLEAN type.
  • @TRUE - find recursively in subdirectories
  • @FALSE - find just in defined directory

Local structure of SD._System_FileInfo type or other structure definition consisting of the same column count and types.

IsFileBoolean@TRUE, if a file was found (otherwise it's a directory).
CreateTimeAbs. timeTime when the file or directory was created.
AccessTimeAbs. timeFor a file, it is the time when the file was last read from or written to.
For a directory, the structure specifies when the directory was created.
ModifyTimeAbs. timeFor a file, it is the time when the file was last written to.
For a directory, it is the time when the directory was created.
SizeRealFile size in bytes.
NameTextFile name.
AttribsIntegerFile (directory) attributes.
retCodeoutReturn code.
Return code
The value of the parameter retCodeIdent_Int - see the table of error codes.
The action allows you to find the specified file (directory) within the given directory. The action finds and fill the result into the structure filesDes. The structure filesDesc contains a list of files and directories matching the given search condition. If needed, the action resize the structure.
If no file match the given condition (mask), the result structure will consists of 0 rows.
The structure filesDesc is updated only when retCode acquires the value "0" (ERR_NO_ERROR).
 INT _retCode
 FIND_FILES "c:\directory", "*", @TRUE, _dir, _retCode

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