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Ellipse is a graphic object, that is being created by inscribing in a rectangle. Therefore drawing an ellipse is the same as drawing a rectangle, except for an ellipse inscribed in created rectangle.

To create an ellipse

  1. In the Drawing toolbar, click the buttons Button Ellipse Ellipse.
  2. Point the mouse cursor to the position of the first point of auxiliary rectangle and click.
  3. Point the mouse cursor to the position of the diametric point of the auxiliary rectangle and click. An ellipse will inscribe in the rectangle.

Creating an ellipse - point 2

Creating an ellipse - point 3

Creating an rectangle to inscribe the ellipse - point 2

The ellipse will inscribe in the created rectangle - point 3

Ellipse parameters

Ellipse parameters are being defined in the palette Object properties. The parameters are the same as the parameters for a rectangle, except the parameter Round.

Note relating to D2000 Thin Client

The events are not implemented for the object Ellipse in Thin Client.
For more rules see the page Drawing rules and object properties for D2000 Thin Client.

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