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D2000 WorkBook.xlt template installation

The file extends the menu of templates for creating a new workbook when you select the item New from the menu File.

The menu consists of tabs, in which are placed individual templates. The tabs represent directories, which have been created in so-called template directory. The directory is offered by the MS Excel, when you try to save any workbook as template (the option Save As (F12) and then select the file type Template). In the directory, it is necessary to create the subdirectory called D2000 and to copy the template D2000_WorkBook.xlt into it.

The installed template is not necessary for functionality of existing reports.


It is not required to install the template. It is enough to create its shortcut e.g. on the desktop. After double-clicking the shortcut, the MS Excel opens a new workbook according to the template.

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