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Cube is a 3D graphic object. Using this object allows creating any cubes or cuboids. The following figures shows examples of cube.

To create a cube

  1. In the Drawing toolbar, click the button Cube button Cube.
  2. Point the mouse cursor to the position of the begin point of cube front side and click.
  3. Point the mouse cursor to the position of the diametric point of the cube face and click.
  4. Define the depth (z-dimension) of the cube and click.

Tips: To create a square front side of the cube, hold down the Shift key when drawing.
To create a depth (z-dimension) at a 45° angle, press and hold down the Shift key when drawing the depth.

Cube can be drawn either as a multicolor graphic object or only its outline. Cube colors can be selected according your need.

Cube parameters

Cube parameters are being defined in the palette Object properties.

Object properties palette

3D color

Color settings of the graphic object.

3D color settings
1 1st cube color - top side.
2 2nd cube color - front side.
3 3rd cube color - side.
Swap colors Exchange of 1st color (1) for 2nd color (3).
4 Selection of 2nd color. The 1st and 3rd colors are to be defined automatically as follows:
  • 1st color - 5th color item before 2nd color item selected in the color palette
  • 2nd color - 5th color item after 2nd color item selected in the color palette
Gray Automatic setting of 3D colors in grey shades.
Expand It disables 1. and 3. color. These colors are calculated according to 2. color.


Setting of a color of the cube frame (outline).

Note relating to D2000 Thin Client

Drawing of Cube is not supported in Thin Client.
For more rules see the page Drawing rules and object properties for D2000 Thin Client.

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