The process allows D2000 real-time information system to access data stored in external database sources. It is a basic element for solving problems of vertical integration of information systems in enterprises.

The process D2000 DBManager provides access to external database sources by means of standard ODBC drivers of individual database systems. It also allows reading and writing data with access control.

The process D2000 DBManager was tested and should work with these databases:

Note: Starting with D2000 version 11.2.57, patches from January 14, 2019 and later, a startup parameter /DBS was implemented to enable support for long strings (> 4000 characters).

From the version D2000 v7.0, along with the "standard" process D2000 DBManager, a variant that only works with Oracle databases (dbmanager_ora.exe) is implemented. This variant does not use the ODBC interface but accesses the database via the OCI (Oracle Client Interface). It is available on Windows platforms as well as on OpenVMS. When using the dbmanager_ora.exe, the configuration dialog box of an object of Database type contains TNS (Transparent Network Substrate) in the parameter DSN (see the description of the file tnsnames.ora in the Oracle documentation).

Advantages of the use of dbmanager_ora.exe compared to dbmanager.exe:

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