Drawing rules and object properties for D2000 Thin Client

D2000 Thin Client does not support all the properties or all the parameters of some properties. In the text below there are mentioned the differences. The properties which are not mentioned in the text are functional and they are applied to graphic objects in general if it is not written differently.

Connect object palette

Detail information on working with palette Connect object and description of properties is mentioned in chapter Connect object palette for D2000 GrEditor.

The differences in D2000 Thin Client:

RepaintNot implemented.
DynamicsNot implemented.

Object properties palette

Detail information on working with palette Object properties and description of properties is mentioned in chapter Object properties palette for D2000 GrEditor.

The differences in D2000 Thin Client:


StyleTCL supports only solid line.
PatternThe full pattern is supported.
RoundNot supported.
Line endType 1 is supported.
Line joinType 3 is supported.


EffectNot supported.


Monochromatic bitmapNot supported.


Object is not supported.


3D colorColor can be set only for 3D button, 3D multiline and 3D radio button.
PatternNot supported.
SizeOnly height of 3D button and 3D radio button can be set.


Effects are not supported.

Graphic objects

Usage of graphic object in Thin Client is characterized by some differences and limitations mentioned in articles Connect object palette and Object properties palette. The other differences are described in the text below.

Basic objects

The description of object parameters is mentioned in the individual pages of chapter Drawing graphic objects.

3D multiline
Disjointed multiline
Circle sector
The events are not implemented (see Connect object palette, tab Script).
3D buttonA text alignment is not implemented in object.
3-point arc
3D Frame
Not supported.


The description of object parameters is mentioned in the individual pages of chapter Displayers.

Picture displayerDisplayer does not allow the event handler (OnClick, etc.) as it is in D2000 HI.
Graph displayerThe parameters Line nr. according to picture instance (Define line nr.), Show controls and Frame are not supported.
Not all the event handlers are implemented.
Browser displayerIt shows a structured variable and a table. Data modification is disabled (you can set them but the change will not be done).
It does not support the parameter Controlled object (tab Connect).
The rows can be neither deleted nor added.
Event handler is not supported (tab Script).
Alarm displayer
Logging displayer Column displayer
Pointer displayer
XY graph
Objects are not implemented.
ReportObject is not supported.
Progress barPartially limited functionality. Greyed progress bar is not supported.

SWT Shell, JavaSwing

The objects are not supported.

Windows controls

The description of object parameters is mentioned in the individual pages of chapter Windows controls.

Push buttonEvent handler OnUserInput is not implemented (tab Script).
A bitmap in the button can not be aligned vertically (tab Properties).
It does not support the second bitmap (Bmp2, tab Properties).
Parameter Esc (tab Properties) is not supported.
Radio button
It does not support the bitmaps.
List boxList type - Dropt down combo is not implemented (parameter Type, tab Properties).
Parameter Connected object is not implemented (tab Connect).
Tab controlEvent handler of OnGotFocus, OnLostFocus is not implemented (tab Script).
Group boxGroup box must be placed under the objects in the picture, otherwise they can be disabled (ideally, add the group box at first and then the other objects).

Graphic object grouping

Graphic object grouping is not supported. If the object is in a group which has the event, Thin Client will ignore it.


Basic parameters

You can set colors of axes and graph area in the configuration. The graph supports more Y axes, they can be static or dynamic.
The graphs containing the life data (automatic interval shift on the specified time) or historical one are supported. XY graphs are supported too.

Implemented flows (see the chapter Object configuration dialog box):

A transparency of flows is supported.

Interval and values

Both, a time stepping (on whole interval) and explicit defining a time interval by user are allowed in graph. When the interval changes the new data will load. Zoom on X and Y axis works.

Graph table and flow setting

It is possible to show and hide the graph table. It shows also the flows with the last value. User may switch on / off the flows, set their color, fill, line width and type (straight, smooth).

The Y-axis, belonging to specific flow, can be shown in graph table.

Clicking on some flow by right mouse button in the graph table, the popup menu with the item Display table displays. It opens the dialog window displaying the time flow in the text / numerical form.

Dynamic graph

If %ViewTrend function is set inĀ Object connect palette (tab Control), the Dynamic graph is displayed.

Display information

Sets which way the information will be displayed after clicking on some graphic object in the picture.

Graph in single dialog window

The graph can be opened in single dialog window by clicking on the graphic object which must be connected to control.

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