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Communication with I/O devices

Reliability The reliability and quality of data transfer into D2000 system is one of the most important functional features. We pay a great attention to support the communication protocols and standards. We take heed to maximum reliability and debugging of data transfers by means of communication tests in an industrial applications environment.


  • Serial asynchronous data transfer
    • via physical media according to the standards RS232, RS485, RS422, TTY, M-Bus, wireless transfers, telephone modems, GSM/GPRS/3G.
    • transfer types request/response, token-passing (e.g. ProfiBus Profibus standard).
  • Serial synchronous data transfer
    • for example CAN bus, DeviceNet, HDLC, and others.
  • Communication standards
    • for example COM/DCOM OPC, OPC UA, DDE, Echelon LonTalk, DLMS.
  • PC-card
    • for example the series Advantech Data Acquisition Card.
  • Network standards
    • technologies TCP/IP.
  • Data exchange using shared files


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