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Advantages of use of dbmanager_ora.exe compared to dbmanager.exe:

  • Availability to on OpenVMS and HPUX platforms.
  • Possibility of page access to index-organized tables of Oracle database (IOT- index organized tables). ODBC drivers Oracle contain an error (tested for the versions up to, that causes application crash on page access to IOT and therefore the ODBC version of the DBManager does not provide page access if finds out that the table is IOT.
  • Less leakage of system resources: ODBC drivers for Oracle (tested for versions up to leak 4 handles in connect/disconnect cycle, OCI interface leak only one :-) .. in any case we recommend to set an amount of prepared connections for object of Database type larger enough in order to prevent from frequent opening and closing of the connections.
  • Possibility to enable the debug information on the status of Oracle cluster (see the parameter /DBCY).