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Before you start to install D2000 system, it is necessary to install some operating systems and applications. The following overview shows all the installation requirements of D2000 system.

D2000 system V11V12.00 requires these minimal conditions for its operation:

  • Windows Vista operation 7 / Windows Server 2008 R2 operating system or higher
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher

D2000 installation program automatically installs:


  • Sybase SQL Anywhere 12.0 Standalone Server and higher. Sybase SQL Anywhere 12 is required since the version D2000 9.1 (see *).
  • MS SQL 2000 or higher or freely usable MSDE 2000, SQL Server 2005 Express, SQL Server 2008 Express, SQL Server 2008 R2 Express
  • ORACLE 9.0 or higherhigher (for archiving).
    Note: Starting with D2000 version 12, Oracle is not supported as a configuration and monitoring database.
  • PostgreSQL 9.0 5 or higher. After installation it is recommended to modify configuration parameters of PostgreSQL.

The connection of the client to D2000 Server requires bit rate at least 100 Mbit.


  • Microsoft Office 2003 and higher (not included in D2000 system licenses)

*Note: Installation of Sybase on Windows 8 and higher (including 8.1) requires .Net Framework version 2.0, which is not enabled in mentioned versions of Windows. Before installing D2000 System with Sybase, you need to enable .Net Framework according to the following instructions: