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Start conditions

When at least one of the following start conditions is met, process D2000 Event Handler starts, or generates a request to start the event instance. Starting an event instance will cause the execution of the algorithm defined by a sequence of actions in ESL language.

Start condition

Event (Incident)

Process D2000 Event Handler generates the request to start the script instance during the occurrence of a value change of a logged (starting) object. Starting object is a part of the configuration of an object of Event type and determines a value, or a group of values (in case of structured variables) which are logged. If they are changed, process D2000 Event Handler evaluates, whether the start condition specifying the status of a value, which causes a script instance to start (for example the change of a value into the state Invalid), is met.
Detailed description.

Cross calling of scripts

Start of an instance as a sub event by performing the action EVENT.

Starting the event via the graphic object in picture

Instance start after pressing the mouse button on the particular graphic object.

Start for debugging from process CNF

Instance start.

Start Up Event

Instance start immediately after starting process D2000 Event Handler.

Server Event

Instance start.

Client and Server Event

Instance start.

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