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VBApi is the interface, that allows to access to and modify

  • current values
  • historical values

of objects of D2000 System and the contents of the log database from the MS Visual Basic environment (thereinafter VB).
The functionality of the current version is verified in the VB environment for MS Excel 97/2000 and Microsoft VB 5.0.

The interface consists of the libraries VBApi.dll and VBApi_Version.dll, that represent a client of D2000 System. It exports a lot of functions, that may be called directly from the VB environment. The declaration of functions and necessary data structures are compared in the file VBApi.xla, that is distributed for MS Excel 97/2000. It contains the modules Interface, VBApi and the form LogOnDlg. When the interface VBApi is used in Microsoft VB, it is necessary to export the modules and the form into files and they must be included into a VB project.

The library VBApi.dll represents the loader of the interface VBApi_Version.dll to D2000 System. The interface depends on the system version and is placed in the installation directory (\bin). The file VBApi.xla contains the name of the library VBApi.dll, but does not contain its location on the disk. To ensure the correct functionality, we, therefore, recommend you to place the files as follows:

  1. VBApi.dll - the loader of the file VBApi_Version.dll,
    1. System32 directory in the installation directory of the operating system
    2. or in the directory entered in the variable PATH.
  2. VBApi_Version.dll - its location may not be changed (after the installation, it is placed in the subdirectory \Bin of the installation directory).
  3. VBApi.xla - its location may be changed. On the computer, where reports will be evaluated, it is necessary to activate it as an extension in the configuration of MS Excel.

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