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The dialog box for creating an archive is opened by selecting the Create a new archive from the Actions menu.

  1. Click the Configuration menu and select KERNEL or SELF.ARC.
  2. Then select Create New Archive from the Actions menu.
  3. In the dialog box that appears, check the Sybase12 option and press the Create button.
  4. The following window will open:
    Vytvorenie archívu
  5. Enter the required parameters and press the Create button.

Archive Parameters:

NameName of the new archive. With this name, the archive will report to the D2000 Server process.
DB DriverDriver to access the database. The following are supported:

  • Adaptive Server Anywhere of Sybase company (version 6.0, 7.0, 9.0 a 12.0)
  • SQL Server of Microsoft company
Server Name

The database server that will be used to access the database. The database server may be different from the one configured in the D2000 Server configuration.

Run as a Shadow Archive Instance

Checking this option will ensure that if the D2000 Server process is restarted, the D2Start process will not restart the database server of this archive.
It is recommended to use this option in the case of redundant systems in the D2000, if shadow archives are configured on the machines where the D2000 Server is also running, so that the connection to the database server is not interrupted. The archive database server and the D2000 Server process database server must be different.

Note: After successfully creating the archive, in case of need it is possible, to change the location of the archive (physical), while it is necessary to set the paths in the archive node in the D2000 Application Manager correctly.


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